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The A Team

Whatever role you play in the lives of children and young people, relational practice will help you develop powerfully positive relationships that nurture aspirations, develop deep trust and support the highest standards of behaviour.


Paul Dix

Paul is an award-winning Behaviour Specialist, Writer, Speaker, Advisor and Education Reformer. He has developed a strong reputation for delivering exceptional training with remarkable outcomes. His imprint is on thousands of schools in their behaviour policy and practice. He continues to grow his A team to ensure schools can continue to access the highest quality behaviour support and guidance.


Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte is a school governor and a mum of 3. She combines business expertise with a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of children and young people. With lived experience of complex trauma, a background in clinical practice and a PhD in Mental Health Science, Charlotte designs and develops the programmes of change our schools use to upgrade their culture. 


Maureen McKenna

Maureen McKenna joined Glasgow City Council in December 2007 as Director of Education and retired in January 2022. Under her leadership in Glasgow, exclusions dropped by 93% and attainment of young people increased significantly. Maureen is currently developing London's Inclusion Charter and supporting a number of other local authorities that have committed to inclusive leadership and relational practice.


Tania Robinson

Tania has a strong public affairs, policy and research background, and has worked for large charities including Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Royal British Legion, as well as a number of local authorities. Tania leads our work with Partner Schools and supports the
team with research and policy writing.

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Tara Elie

Tara is a down-to-earth and empathetic yet highly skilled and experienced trainer. She is also an EMCC coach, a qualified psychologist, a senior lecturer in education and a behaviour specialist. She is renowned for her engaging training delivery, both face-to-face and virtually.

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Tony Sammon

Tony draws on his depth of experience as a teacher and school leader. Most recently he was Headteacher of a PRU in South-West England, where he transformed the setting into what Ofsted described as a “safe haven for its pupils”. He is passionate about improving opportunities and life
chances for all young people.


Clare Williams

Clare has over a decade of experience in customer service. She is organised, efficient and incredibly helpful when technical jargon gets in the way. She helps our clients book their places on the online course and is on hand to support them as they work their way through it.


John bryant

John is an experienced former teacher and Headteacher who has worked across a number of schools in his career. He is passionate about the importance of building positive relationships to drive outstanding behaviour in adults and children. He is a strong advocate for trauma-informed, relational and restorative practice and believes that mainstream education should be a place for all

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Susannah Jeffries

Susannah is a teacher and Is currently Depute Head at a primary school in the west of Edinburgh. She trained to be a teacher in her 30s following 15 years working as a General Manager in the theatre industry. In 2018 she completed her Diploma in Illustration at London Art College with distinction. She is so proud to be part of the work of When the Adults Change


Steve Baker

Steve is a highly experienced behaviour coach, known for his passionate, inspiring, and hugely engaging style of presentation. He is equally at home ‘around the table’ with Senior Leadership Teams, supporting them to link the big strategic messages to everyday practice in classrooms and


Raymond Soltysek

Raymond is an enthusiastic believer in student-centred approaches that first ask young people what they think, and he is committed to relational and restorative practices in pastoral care. He brings with him a wealth of experience in education and a training style that is highly engaging, yet down to earth.


Lucy Stewart

Lucy has a psychology degree and a varied employment background, having worked in both retail and property. At When The Adults Change, Lucy has a fine eye for detail and takes a positive approach in assisting both the team and our clients in the smooth running of operations. Even outside of work Lucy is passionate about education. She has a young daughter and lives on site in a school, as she’s the partner of a caretaker!

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Tom Vodden

Tom is a freelance speaker, organisational development consultant and trainer who has worked with hundreds of schools and organisations across the UK. His work is informed by broad-ranging professional and lived experience and is grounded in work and educational psychology. As a trained teacher, he has worked in mainstream and specialist settings in the UK and Australia, founded and led his own educational software company and served as a school governor.

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