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Let us support you with bespoke training and coaching, designed just for your setting. We will shape this around your exact needs and requirements, and we will walk alongside you, supporting you on your journey to behavioural nirvana.

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Supporting seismic shifts

We’ve helped thousands of schools all over the world upgrade their behaviour. We know not only what to do but how to do it. We are disciplined in the ‘How’ to ensure our clients maximise their impact. We are informed by research that training is more effective when combined with coaching, and that one-off training has little impact on the transfer of skills to practice (Kelly 2017, Moir 2018 and Fixsen et al 2005).

Everything starts with understanding the relational mission. Then our relational leadership programme builds the capacity to lead sustainable change. We continue to build the knowledge base with highly effective micro-training and in-person support.

This is how we do it here. And it works.

The relational mission

An outstanding school is one that achieves with all children. Inclusion is not optional. It is what makes schools incredible. Relational practice drives exceptional cultures in which children thrive and adults love their work. There are clear boundaries, excellent systems and genuine mutual respect. 
The book, When The Adults Change, has been part of the behaviour conversation in thousands of schools worldwide. We have created a team of people who can help schools create truly seismic shifts. We have worked with educational psychologists, leaders and change-makers to develop processes that go beyond the standard model of training. 

Wherever you are and whatever strategies you are using to support behaviour, we will walk with you and support you until your setting is one that is nurturing, supportive and conducive to positive outcomes for all.

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it all starts with a conversation

All of our training is bespoke and will be co-designed by you and our Clinical Director. Although we do deliver INSET training and regularly speak at conferences and events, our preference is to walk alongside schools, improve sustainability and maximise impact.

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