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This is the best relational classroom management programme, utilising Paul’s celebrated approach. It is inclusive, relational and highly practical.

The course will ensure you are able to:
● Establish clear boundaries; your class, your rules
● Manage tricky behaviours with a relational focus
● Create a plan for every day and a plan for the difficult days
● Engage in serious systems thinking
● Know how to manage your own response
● Develop teachable moments, even when behaviour is wobbly
● See how behaviour communicates

Training with our Behaviour Change online course will allow you to develop the skills you need for a relational practical approach.
We will look at What to say, What to do & How to be and will leave you with
immediately useful strategies for positive classroom management.
The course will help you feel confident about approaching early behaviours, low-level disruption, disengagement and internal truancy, whilst ensuring you are well-equipped to support both divergent and distressed learners.

Spaces on each course are limited to ensure we can offer interactive support and exclusive workshops and live sessions. Our tickets sell fast and are offered to our VIPs before they are made available to the general public.

Our 365 course will give you access to the 7 hours of study for 12 months. You will also have access to 10 live conversations with Paul. An individual license is £95 + VAT.

Alternatively, you can opt for the intense course which gives you access for 90 days, with 3 of the live behaviour conversations. An individual license is £65 + VAT. Please use code FASTTRACK at checkout.

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