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Do you work with schools on an ongoing basis?

Building long-term relationships with schools is important to us and is where we are able to see the most transformational change.


How do all the pieces fit together?

Everything starts with the books. Our Behaviour Change Programme builds the capacity to lead sustainable change. We have helped thousands of schools and colleges upgrade their behaviour and we know that this approach delivers sustainable positive impact. 


We are making significant change, how long will it take?

Revolution often takes place in slow motion. It is important that you give adults and young people time to change and develop new skills. Schools and colleges spend years developing, fine-tuning and evolving relational practice but there are positive practical changes that can be made today.


Ofsted has been in and graded us as RI - can you help us?

It doesn’t matter where you are. Success is achievable wherever you start.


How do you work with local authorities and MATS?

We work with a number of local authorities and large Multi Academy Trusts and we work with each of them differently. If you are looking to transform your authority, support specific schools or colleges or develop the knowledge base of your outreach staff, we can help you. Everything begins with a conversation with our Clinical Director, Charlotte Clarke.

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