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Does INSET work on its own?

Not for long! Research tells us that it’s time to change our approach to training. Our other training solutions are far more effective at embedding knowledge and skills long-term. Our online courses for all staff and our online leadership training for senior teams mean that you get consistent sustainable change, drip-fed over time.


Can I book Paul?

Paul speaks at a limited number of large conferences where he can have most impact. The training team deliver all of the WTAC live training. Most of our training team have worked with us for over a decade and are all steeped in relational practice and expertise. They have walked the walk and Paul ensures trainers are well matched to the clients they serve. Each member of our small training team is insightful, engaging and impactful in their delivery style. 


Can we book a trainer for INSET?

You can but we highly recommend that you accompany live training with our online course to ensure you take a sustainable approach.


How much is in-person training?

Please email Jack at and he will send you an up-to-date quotation. 


Do you have alternatives to in-person training?

Yes! We have a library of pre-recorded INSET sessions from Paul Dix and Tara Elie that you can play to your whole school staff. Annual access to the recordings library is £500. This is a useful alternative for introducing your adults to relational practice.


Do you do Twilight sessions?

We do offer Twilight sessions and trainers are happy to be on site for up to 3 hours. Our charge for Twilight sessions is the same as our charge for half-day INSET training.

What do you cover?

We tailor our training sessions to your specific setting and circumstances. Generally speaking, our training sessions cover ‘what to say, what to do & how to be’. You will be able to speak to your trainer before your session to explain the themes or context you would like
weaved into your session.


What are the outcomes of live training?

Delegates will leave training thinking about behaviour differently. They will have a good understanding of how to build emotional currency and use preventative teaching and learning to create a secure and regulated learning environment. They will have a combination of theoretical insight and practical ideas for implementation. However, without additional support or continued training, it is unlikely that INSET training will lead to sustainable change or long-term improvements.


How should we support training? 

Typically, long-term change begins with our core texts, and these should be read by all staff. Hundreds of schools and colleges have also successfully used our online course to create seismic shifts in school behaviour. The online Behaviour Change course allows for a slow and
steady approach to practical skill development and has helped a variety of settings create long-lasting change.
For transformational change, it can also be useful to support your leadership team with our Behaviour Change for Leaders course or some SLT coaching sessions.


Do you work with parents? 

Yes! You can buy our book aimed at home adults, called ‘When the Parents Change, Everything Changes’. In addition, our How To Coach Parents In Behaviour online course is available to pre-order now. The course will go live in June and is designed to engage communities in a way that will take relational practice beyond the school gates.

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