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In After The Adults Change: Achievable Behaviour Nirvana, Paul Dix explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and maintain a school culture rooted in relational practice.

There is a behavioural nirvana: one that is calm, purposeful and respectful. Where poor pupil behaviour is as rare as a PE teacher in trousers and where relationships drive achievement. Annoyingly and predictably, the road is hard and the ride bumpy and littered with clichés – but it is achievable. And when you get there it is a little slice of heaven.

A revolution in behaviour can be exciting, dynamic and, at times, pleasantly terrifying. But revolution is short-lived. In this follow-up to his bestselling book When The Adults Change, Everything Changes, Paul shows you that, after the behaviour of the adults has changed, there is an opportunity to go wider and deeper: to accelerate relational practice, decrease disproportionate punishment and fully introduce restorative, informed and coaching-led cultures.

Paul delves into the possibilities for improvement in pupil behaviour and teacher-pupil relationships, drawing further upon a hugely influential behaviour management approach whereby expectations and boundaries are exemplified by calm, consistent and regulated adults.

The book delivers a blueprint for school behaviour improvement that is inclusive, practical and well structured – and covers a range of key issues, including: restorative practice, emotionally consistent teaching, creating a coaching culture, and proportionate and productive consequences for bad behaviour.

It also shares indispensable advice about how to involve all staff in developing a whole-school ethos rooted in kindness, empathy and understanding, and features a section for governors on how they can play a part in the school’s behaviour policy too.

Suitable for teachers and school leaders – in any setting – who are looking to upgrade their approach to school behaviour.

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Book club resources

If you are studying either of our core texts either independently or as a book club, the study notes below will help you to facilitate conversation and ensure comprehension. 

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