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In this follow-up to his bestselling book When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, Paul Dix explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and build a school culture rooted in relational practice.


There is a behavioural nirvana. One that is calm, purposeful and respectful. Where poor behaviour is as rare as a PE teacher in trousers and where relationships drive achievement. Annoyingly and predictably, the road is hard and the ride bumpy and littered with clichés. It is achievable though. And when you get there it is a little slice of heaven.


A revolution in behaviour can be exciting, dynamic and, at times, pleasantly terrifying. But revolution is short-lived. In After the Adults Change, Paul shows you that, after the behaviour of the adults (i.e. the staff) has changed, there is an opportunity to go wider and deeper: to accelerate relational practice, decrease disproportionate punishment and fully introduce restorative, informed and coaching-led cultures.


Paul delves into the possibilities for improvement in pupil behaviour and teacher–pupil relationships, drawing further upon a hugely influential behaviour management approach whereby expectations and boundaries are exemplified by calm, consistent and regulated adults.


Contents include:
Chapter 1 – Emotionally Consistent Teaching
Chapter 2 – Recognition Revolution
Chapter 3 – Proportionate and Productive Consequences
Chapter 4 – Restorative Practice, Kindness and Soft Power
Chapter 5 – Coaching in the Rain
Chapter 6 – Exclusion Isn’t A Behaviour Strategy
Chapter 7 – Scripting Refined
Chapter 8 – Lead Like a Tortoise
Conclusion – Reaching Nirvana

After the Adults Change, Achievable Behaviour Nirvana

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