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Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte has spent her career connecting clinical practice to policy development and cultural reform. Her background is rooted in understanding mental health. Her expertise arises from being both a young person who experienced complex trauma and an adult who completed a PhD in Mental Health Science. Throughout her career, she has supported adults and young people with a variety of behavioural, cognitive and psychological challenges.

Charlotte has developed clinical programmes which have helped children affected by fatal road accidents, murders, natural disasters and suicide. Her training consistently focuses on teaching adults how to respond. She has developed practical frameworks that have been researched and utilised by both Kings College and the NHS in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and acute trauma.

At When The Adults Change, Charlotte works with schools, MATs and local authorities to make their communities relational. She designs powerful programmes of work that maximise positive outcomes and minimise barriers to adoption. She is passionate about helping us look beyond behaviour and encourages us to think about the longer-term physical and mental benefits that occur when the adults change.

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