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Our School Story:
The Aquila School

The Aquila School is a school where behaviour was described as already amazing. However, they wanted a policy that focused on re-affirming positive relationships.


Through utilising the concepts presented in the ‘When The Adults Change…’ book, coupled with online course work and other training opportunities, they found inspiration for revising their policies. 


Previous behaviour policies that once centred around the removal of ‘golden time’ as a consequence of poor behaviour shifted to more restorative approaches in order to foster positive relationships.


Following comprehensive policy revisions, they have conducted training sessions for staff at the beginning of the school year, while regular policy reviews have been scheduled to assess progress and address any challenges. They have adopted 3 ‘golden rules’: ‘Safe, Happy, Learning’ and have created email templates that allow teachers to use well-thought-out scripts when contacting parents.


“Staff have been taking more responsibility for their own behaviour and the language in school has shifted to knowing that we support our pupil’s behaviour and that as staff, we have to be regulated to deal with it.”


The Aquila School’s commitment to embracing relational practice has transformed its culture as they have fostered positive relationships and created an inclusive environment where students feel supported and empowered. 


As they move forward as a When The Adults Change Partner School, they remain dedicated to the principles of relational practice, recognising its power in shaping the future of education.

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