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Our School Story:
Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery

After reading ‘When the Adults Change…’ Claire Westcott, Headteacher of Meridian, was ready to change things. The insight she had garnered from reading it was making her think that there was a different way of handling things when children were being disruptive or struggling to handle their behaviour. After attending further training she shared her learnings with her staff and the snippets from the book flourished into a full-blown review of behaviour practice and a brand-new behaviour policy.


Gone were names on a hand and golden time on a Friday, and in came a consistent approach which all staff subscribed to when talking about behaviour at Meridian. Whole school INSET days have focused on the new approach to behaviour, ensuring that all staff know that it is the way forward. Staff turnover has meant embedding ‘the Meridian way’ into the induction process and looking at staff beliefs about behaviour and how closely they align with school policy as part of recruitment.


Meridian now has three simple rules- are you ready, respectful and safe? Pupils really know these rules, proudly singing along to them as part of the school anthem at their assemblies. If you were to be walking past the school hall just after 9am on a Tuesday or Thursday morning you will hear the children proudly singing the chorus "Meridian, Meridian, Ready, Respectful & Safe". 


Meridian’s system for rewards has been streamlined into a ‘coin’ approach, celebrating children’s behaviour and learning. Rewards can be given as a single golden coin by any adult. Staff will also have stickers to give out coins when children are on the playground or walking through the school. Postcards and phone calls home are used to share positive contributions and children are invited to share their successes or positive behaviour with senior staff/ phase leaders.


“We are proud of the culture we are building at Meridian and take a real pride in showing visitors around, and the words they are always guaranteed to say are ‘gosh isn't it calm’ - no matter the time of day”.

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