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Our School Story:
Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth

Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth pre-2023 was at times unstructured. Pupils were happy and staff tried their best, however there were inconsistencies in how adults managed different situations, and there was a lack of structure. Expectations varied, which meant that nobody
knew where the boundaries for acceptable behaviour were. There were no routines in place, and the students, staff and parents found this difficult. These issues became apparent during the When The Adults Change Health Check, and it became clear that change was
needed to ensure that all staff and pupils felt important and safe in school.

New SLT members started in post in January 2023 and were motivated to implement the changes needed to support students, staff and parents. The vision was for everyone at the school to be happy and successful, and that this would be possible if staff and pupils were
treated fairly and with respect. The new SLT had already read ‘When The Adults Change, Everything Changes’, and wanted relationships, connection and correction to be high up on the agenda to change and improving the school. This wasn’t a once and done thing though.
This is always on the agenda for staff meetings and INSET days. These are used as an opportunity to look at behaviours; both staff and pupils’, and to discuss what is acceptable and not acceptable. They are also used as an opportunity to get the message across about adults being as proactive as possible rather than reactive, and how adults can model
responses. There really is a belief and understanding that children will follow the adults that they respect and trust.

A Consequences Charter was created as a collaboration between adults and pupils. Everyone is aware that Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth is not going to be a school that shouts or punishes pupils. Via coaching, When The Adults Change have supported the SLT to introduce
more routines to help the school achieve its goals. There is now ‘Disgwyliadau Disglair’ (Golden Expectations) for adults and pupils. ‘Bod yn Barod’ (Be Ready) has been unpicked, and the rest are in the process of being unpicked, so that adults and children meaningfully
understand how each expectation should look in different situations. A Behaviour Blueprint, for staff and children, has been introduced, and next on the to-do list is improving the Relationships Policy.

Many aspects of the changes have been fairly easy to implement, as all adults were supportive and receptive to the guidance. Nearly all staff demonstrate the ‘Disgwyliadau Disglair’ and follow the Behaviour Blueprint on a daily basis. 100% consistency isn’t always possible, but this is something that is being worked on. Having a fully supportive SLT has been massively impactful. Staff are aware of this support and parents have also commented about the changes that they are noticing.


What advice would Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth give to others?
Gather pupils, staff and parent voice. Use the When The Adults Change videos and resources that are available. Set out what you want to achieve and then create an action plan. Accept that many great changes will happen overnight, yet others will take more time. Realise that the hard work is worth it and that it really does change the ethos for better!

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