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Tony Sammon

Tony has been a teacher and school leader for over 33 years. He began teaching in Poplar
East London and immediately realised he was drawn to and really enjoyed working with
children who are challenging. He is fascinated by human behaviour and is constantly
learning more about it.

After leaving school at 16 and trying lots of jobs he was terrible at, Tony trained as a teacher
in Liverpool. He then started as a classroom teacher, initially in Geography and later
Psychology. He has worked as an Advisory Teacher for Tower Hamlets Behaviour Support
Team, been a SENCo in two mainstream secondary schools and Pastoral Deputy Head, DSL
and Inclusion Lead.

Tony’s last role was as Headteacher of a PRU in the South-West of England. This was an
extremely exciting opportunity to design a new school steeped in relational and Trauma
Informed practice, from the furniture to the policies and practices. OFSTED described it as a
“safe haven for its pupils”.

Tony now works as a trainer and consultant, working with a range of providers and is still
fascinated by behaviour and human relationships. He is passionate about improving
opportunities and life chances for all young people. Tony has worked with Senior Teams to
build behaviour policy and practice at whole school level, as well as supporting local
authorities with their inclusion strategies.

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