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Our School Story:
Thomas’s Clapham

Thomas’s Clapham is an independent prep school in London for learners aged 4 – 13. Kindness has always been at the heart of Thomas’s and learners are provided with a well-rounded and diverse education. Staff are committed to pupil wellbeing and there are clear values and a palpable family community.


Thomas’s Clapham had a new Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher (Wellbeing and Health) shortly after the pandemic. Both had returned from teaching overseas and recognised the need for a focus on renewed clarity and consistency, to create a whole school relational approach to behaviour which would be as effective for the oldest key stage 3 pupils as it was for Reception. 


The school turned to When The Adults Change to help improve things in this area. They received coaching for their Senior Leadership Team, followed by sessions for their Middle Leadership Team and then whole school training. Parent training soon followed, reflective of the real family focus of the school. Their experiences from the coaching and training meant that they could reflect and review their practices, in particular working on a behaviour policy one-pager which was helpful to everyone in the school. 


Recognition is done with aplomb at Thomas’s Clapham. Recognition boards have been tailored for maximum effect. As the oldest pupils move around the school for lessons their ‘wow wall’ is located in their form room, where they can proudly display any recognition slips that they have received. These build up over time and are refreshed regularly. This is a lovely idea for schools where pupils move around a lot throughout the day and may struggle with the logistics of a recognition board.


Thomas’s Clapham is continuing to maintain consistency and is looking into supporting their staff further with this through the online When The Adults Change course. It is a testament to the hard work of everyone at the school and the relational approach that has not only been followed but has been truly embraced that they have seen significant improvements in behaviour. Not only can everyone in the community speak with clarity about what it means to Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Be Ready, but these positive behaviours and routines are more deliberate and consistent.

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