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Tara Elie

Tara is an experienced and qualified EMCC coach and qualified psychologist. She is a senior lecturer in education and a behaviour specialist. Tara has worked in education for over 25 years in a range of roles and range of settings from referral units to independent and international schools, which means she has a unique understanding of a variety of settings that she trains and consults in.
Tara is passionate about teacher wellbeing and uses the theories of Positive Psychology to inform her work with clients with a proven record of success. She is also a school governor of equalities and well-being, experienced in developing school policies and improvement plans. Tara stands for social justice and social change. She appreciates and celebrates the individual, their differing backgrounds, cultures, experiences, perceptions, and values.

Moreover, it is Tara’s genuine excitement about education and well-being that stimulates the experience in her sessions.
Tara has researched and designed training for a number of areas of school improvement and culture change. These programmes include; inclusive leadership, managing low-level disruption, anti-black racist practice, improving boys’ achievement, leading behaviour teams, primary to secondary transition and active learning.
Tara is an exceptional educational consultant and trainer. She is renowned for her engaging training delivery, both face-to-face and virtually. Her performance background, alongside her passion for supporting individuals and organisations to flourish and thrive, characterise her delivery style.
If you want to be coached to success by a truly empathetic and experienced education consultant who will walk alongside you through the whole improvement process utilising a range of tools and research to guide you on your journey with aplomb, Tara is that critical friend and expert.

Specialist Interests

Tara has written a soon-to-be-published research paper on Black Teachers’ Mattering​

What People Say

A fantastic workshop with Tara Elie who we welcome back to The Paragon this evening to talk to parents about relational practice and the power of positive psychology when talking to our children.- Pete Fowler Assistant Head 


A great MAT-wide INSET. A brilliant session by Tara, it was really powerful.

- Sam Creighton  Head Teacher 


Wow! Tara created such a buzz today for Gaversham Learning Partnership colleagues facilitating rich conversation re relational practice and culture. Thank you for a fantastic session

- Adam Lowing Head teacher.


Today staff were led in an excellent inset by Tara about the importance of building strong relationships

- Thomas’s Clapham

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