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Steve Baker

Steve taught in Sheffield for 17 years before joining Wakefield Council as their Behaviour and Attendance Consultant. He then moved to the National Strategies in a cross-phase role as Regional Adviser for Behaviour, Attendance and SEAL in Yorkshire and the Humber.
Steve is the author of ‘That Behaviour Book’, which was declared ‘CPD Book of the Year’ in 2023 by Teach Secondary. He has published articles on behaviour for a range of organisations including The Times Educational Supplement, Optimus Education, Forum Business and Public Policy Exchange. Steve has addressed and chaired a number of behaviour conferences, and he makes well-received contributions to local authority and Headteachers’ conferences.
Steve is known for his passionate, inspiring, and hugely engaging style of presentation. He is equally at home ‘around the table’ with Senior Leadership teams, supporting them to link the big strategic messages to everyday practice in classrooms and beyond.
Steve has twenty years of experience as a behaviour coach, working in classrooms alongside staff, developing their capacity to lead behaviour effectively. He also enjoys working with classroom-based support staff and other support staff, enabling them to find their voice and their role within a positive whole-school approach.

Steve has been delivering behaviour training for schools, FE Colleges and other

organisations since 2003, and is proud to be one of Paul Dix’s team at ‘When The Adults Change’.


'An essential, engaging read for teachers,
full of advice from an expert to help upgrade student behaviour"

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